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Inspired by dance

Dance has proved to be the universal language of love, peace and harmony. Dance is a strong yet fun medium to unfold creativity, boost confidence, enhance social skills, productivity, build team spirit, trust, and more. It has proved to be the best form of expression, stress release, fitness and therapy. At LVDS we believe that deep down, everyone wants to dance – like there’s no tomorrow. We’re here to help you unleash that desire


LVDS was started in 1998 by Lourd Vijay. Over the course of time, he has honed and perfected his art in the professional arena. Channeling the experience and spirit of his own career as well as that of a passionate team of vibrant and highly skilled youngsters through this studio.

Pioneering Indian-western Dance

Lourd Vijay revolutionized Indian-western dance over and over again in India – most notably, by introducing Salsa in 1997. Closely associated with the Indian Society for Performers and Teachers of Dance and the Karnataka Dancesport Association, Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio not only trains you in dance but also inculcates self-confidence, social skills, fitness and fun!

The students and team of LVDS have been on a winning spree.

  • The LVDS Junior team recently won a Bronze medal at the Dance World Cup 2015 in Bucharest, Romania

  • The LVDS Junior team made the country proud by winning 4 Silver medals at the Dance World Cup 2014 in Algarve, Portugal

  • The LVDS Junior team also won the Silver medal and the Bronze medal at the Dance World Cup 2013 in Brighton, England

  • Top 10 finalists of the hit reality television show “India’s Got Talent” & “Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega”.

  • The team of LVDS won the qualifiers to represent India the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami this December.

  • Winners of the Australian Salsa Classic & the European Open Salsa masters


Popularising Dance & Producing Champions

From having introduced Salsa to India, to having produced the country’s best social dancer’s, performers, dance Champions and to the best of instructors such as Sneha Kapoor, Richard David Tholoor, Sai Raja, Kirthi Kishore, Sagar Girme, Madan Kumar, Nupur Gandekar, Bindu Prasanna, John Anthony and many more. LVDS has come a long way in not only carving a niche for it self but has also changed the course of dance history by creating a dance revolution in India.

LVDS has focused on popularizing various forms of dance. Using workshops as an innovative tool, LVDS has introduced Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Delhi, Colombo and other metros to the exciting dance forms of Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha, Jive, and Bachata. Our dance performances and workshops are a class apart – due to the unique style and innovation we bring to each venture. In fact, this style is now seen as our trademark, prompting a huge wave of requests for performances and workshops from the LVDS troupe.

A Guinness World Record Holder

To its list of accolades and achievements Lourd Vijay the founder – director has a Guinness World Record his credit and also being assigned the job of “Ambassador of the Hong Kong Salsa Festival and the Judge of the Asia Pacific Salsa Open Championship.

An Institution

LVDS has graduated from being a dance school to a multi disciplinary dance institution that promotes all kinds of talent through its International Dance festivals, arts festivals and Dance Championships, hosted across the country such as the India International Salsa Congress, Goa Salsa Festival, the All India Salsa Championship, All India Solo Salsa Championship, the Chennai Open, etc. LVDS’s doors are open for anyone with dance in their soul. Be it students or teachers.

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