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Experience the vibrant rhythms and infectious energy of Bollywood in Bangalore, at LVDS. Our Bollywood dance classes are designed to bring the magic of Indian cinema to life through vibrant moves and captivating choreography.

Bollywood Dance classes

At LVDS, our skilled instructors are dedicated to sharing the joy of Bollywood dance with students of all ages and skill levels. In our Bollywood dance classes, you will learn a variety of dance styles, including traditional folk, contemporary fusion, and iconic Bollywood routines. Our instructors will guide you through the signature moves, footwork, and expressive gestures that make Bollywood dance so unique and captivating.

At LVDS, we believe that Bollywood dance is a celebration of culture, artistry, and cinema. Our dance classes provide a supportive and inclusive environment where you can explore your creativity, boost your confidence, and connect with a vibrant community of dance enthusiasts.

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Our dance classes provide a supportive and inclusive environment

Bollywood @ LVDS

Join our dance classes at LVDS and immerse yourself in the colorful world of Bollywood dance. Experience the thrill of vibrant choreography, infectious music, and the joy of dancing with like-minded individuals.


45 minutes


Mon - Tues


62 Students


12 Trainers



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Absolutely! Our Bollywood dance classes often include iconic moves and routines from popular Bollywood movies. It's a fantastic way to connect with the cultural richness of Bollywood dance while enjoying the energy and enthusiasm of these iconic routines.

LVDS offers a vibrant Bollywood dance program that encompasses various styles, including traditional, modern, and fusion Bollywood dance forms. From classic moves to contemporary expressions, our classes explore the richness of Bollywood dance.

Absolutely! Our Bollywood dance classes cater to dancers of all levels, including beginners. The classes are structured to provide a welcoming environment for those new to dance, ensuring an enjoyable learning experience.