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Adrienn Izsepi​

Adrienn Izsepi was born in Hungary. She trained at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. In 2007 she won a world championship with Viva 49’ers in Germany and several Hungarian championships. Her first collaboration has been with Emese Jantner, who had the greatest influence on her work with Emese’s unique movement world.


She was performing for three years in Emese’s contemporary pieceswhere she learnt how to transfer the contemporary dance movements into an extraordinary new dimension.


To her the most important thing is to gain different experiences by stepping out of the comfort zone, so in 2014 she moved to India and has worked with the biggest Indian choreographers in the greatest shows and movies. She is also teaching her dance vocabulary on workshops. She was a part of Shiamak Davar Company where she was teaching jazz and contemporary.


“As a dancer I would like to show my own world which is blooming in me, as a teacher I would like to share my believes, thoughts and accumulated experiences to encourage and inspire others to go forwards with own paths."

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