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Himadri Madan is a choreographer with a B.A. hons. in choreography from Bangalore University. She acquired her degree under Late Dr. Maya Rao, who was amongst the first few dancers in India who studied choreography and dance in Russia. Himadri has studied choreography in extensive detail and has deep knowledge of movement and technique which has made her a versatile dancer and choreographer.


She started her training at a young age of 4 years in Bharatantyam, a classical dance and later acquired a diploma in same. She has also trained in Jazz, an American dance form, under Ashley Lobo and was also a probationer in his company ‘The Danceworx’, which is world’s largest dance company.


Himadri, as a freelancer has worked with various dance troupes and has choreographed for various events at schools, colleges, events and wedding functions.


She possesses the knowledge of various dance forms of India such as kathak, kathakali, yakshgana,chau, tanghta, kalari payatu, bhangra, garba, dandiya raas and some around the world like hip hop, contemporary and belly dance to name a few and is a competent choreographer for professional and non- professional dancers.

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