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Corporate​ Services

What we offer!
Corporate training through dance and movement: Out ‘of’ ‘in’ the BOX
Through our programs we have fruitfully addressed:

  • Interpersonal relations

  • Gender sensitization

  • Working together

  • Lead and follow

  • Work life balance

  • Get creative.


Other Services offered:

  • Performances for corporate shows

  • Choreographies and training to employees to perform

  • Broadway style shows and musicals – exclusively using in house talent within the company: Creating & producing musicals and productions for various events using interactive video technology and 3D modelling.

  • Dance, fitness and art workshops for employees

  • Inter and Intra Corporate shows - Judging, consulting and grooming.

  • Motivational speaker to beat all odds: Lourd Vijay the Artistic Director and a Guinness World Record holder just beat ‘Chronic Kidney Disease’ and fought it for two years with a smile and now, after a kidney transplant is raring to share his experience with the world through his foundation - Spreading Hope..

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