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DANCE FOR CORPORATES - Infuse your corporate event with energy , dance bonding exercises , dance and fun , dance with colleagues , dance practice , corporate dance events


At LVDS, we specialize in providing exceptional dance services for corporates, that will make your events more fun and energetic, and take your experience to new heights. Whether you're planning a company celebration, team-building activity, conference, or product launch, our professional dancers and tailored dance programs will add a dynamic and engaging atmosphere to your event.

Through our programs, we have fruitfully addressed:

  • Interpersonal relations

  • Gender sensitization

  • Working together

  • Lead and follow

  • Work-life balance

  • Get creative


Our Services Include:

  • Dance performances for corporate shows

  • Dance choreographies and training for employees to perform

  • Broadway-style dance shows and musicals – exclusively using in-house talent within the company: Creating & producing musicals and dance productions for various events using interactive video technology and 3D modeling.

  • Dance, fitness, and art workshops for employees

  • Inter and Intra Corporate dance show - Judging, consulting, and grooming.

  • Motivational speaker to beat all odds: Lourd Vijay, the Founder and Artistic Director, and a Guinness World Record holder, who fought ‘Chronic Kidney Disease’ for two years with a smile and now, after a kidney transplant is raring to share his experience with the world through his foundation - Spreading Hope.

Please call +91-9845239123, for inquiries and further details.

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