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CUSTOM DANCE PRODUCTIONS ,  Taking care of the stage setup, lighting, costumes, props and music production of your event and dance performance


Looking to create a complete dance musical experience? We are here to help!

LVDS is your one-stop solution for all dance ideation, execution, and production. We are known for our all-around holistic approach to customizing spectacular dance productions. We customize the stage, the sound, the ambiance, the dance costumes, and the props to match the choreography and your ideas, needs, and imaginations.


To ensure the highest quality of dance production and performance, we have dedicated teams of professionally trained designers, make-up artists, sound engineers, and light engineers, who work with us to showcase our talent better.

Reach out to us and make your dance performance a magical experience!


Call us at +91-9845239123 to know more.

Contemporary (Window Dance - can be done with video imaging and 3D projection)

Acro Duo

Ladies Latin Styling with BollyJazz

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