Thanks to the Anglo Indians, a fun dance legacy in the form of the freestyle Jive has been left behind for us to enjoy, very characteristic of a fun high energy social dance, mostly popularized in old school clubs of Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. As with the Swing, the basic consists of two triple steps and a rock step. However, in Jive, the count begins with the rock step. The rock step is counted 1,2. Next, the two triple steps are counted: 3-a-4, 5-a-6. Jive has a very energetic look. Danced correctly, the legs exhibit a pumping action. The Jive and the East Coast Swing share many figures and they share the same music style and tempo.

Course Fee: 3,000 INR

Course Duration: 1 Month (4 Hrs)


Vasanthnagar Studio Energy Fitness, Govinda Chetty Colony, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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