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Learn how to teach dance from the best in the industry. At LVDS, we have set the standards in dance education over the last 25 years. Our students have gone on to open their own dance schools, thus spreading their love for dance to all parts of the country. When you are through with the LVDS Teacher Training Certification Program, you will be ready to join an elite group of dance instructors.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get trained and associated with LVDS, India's most established dance brand.

  • Access to all beginner and intermediate-level dance classes on Udemy for free for 3 months.

  • Access to a national network of dance teachers, dancers, and associates.

  • Get exclusive discounts and invitations to various upgrading certifications, dance retreats/vacations, events, and festivals.

  • Professional assistance.

  • Get assigned dance classes on a revenue-sharing basis to participants who complete the certification successfully.

Select a Program, Below:

If you commit to finishing all three programs with us, the total fees are discounted to Rs. 3,50,000/- + 18% GST.

We also offer affordable payment options, dance scholarships, and paid teaching opportunities.

To know more, contact Lourd Vijay, Artistic Director & Founder of LVDS.


Please call +91-9845239123, for inquiries and further details.

Email queries and payment details to

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