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India wins multiple medals at the recently concluded - Dance World Cup Finals in Spain.

I am delighted to to share this wonderful news that our junior dancers from India not only made our country proud and but also got our Tri-colour to fly high and the national anthem to play in Spain on 3 occasions.

It was a huge medal haul for India at the recently concluded Dance World Cup held at Sitges, a quaint little coastal town close to Barcelona, Spain.

The country was well represented by Dance companies across India and mainly from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata, Maharashtra and Delhi.

The medal tally for the countries are:


Mini DN Mini Duet/Trio National & Folklore Dance

D4U Studios - 93.5% GOLD

JSN Junior Solo National & Folklore Dance

Aagnika Ajaikumar- 95.8%- Sri Nimishamba School of Dance- GOLD

DWC- JSH Junior Solo Hip Hop, Street Dance & Commercial

Vinanya Seshan- 93.6%- I AM YOU Dance Studio- GOLD


MiniSN Mini Solo National & Folklore

Smrithi Ravindranath- 92.6% D4U Studios- SILVER

DWC-SnGSH Junior & Senior Small Group Hip Hop, Street Dance & Commercial

I AM YOU Dance Studio- 93.2%- SILVER


KSH Children Solo Hip Hop, Street Dance & Commercial

Mokshaghana- 90.5% - I AM YOU - 4th Place

SnSN Senior Solo National & Folklore Dance

Anirudh B G Gopinath- 92.5%- Jivantha School Dance- 5th Place

KDH Children Duet/Trio Hip Hop & Street Dance

One Move - 86.2%- 5th Place

MiniSH Mini Solo Hip Hop

Hana Mehr Sajid- 86.4% (D4U Studios) - 6th place

Dancers from the age of 4 to the age 25 competed to take the medal home.

The junior dancers were wonder struck by the culture, practices and routines of these beautiful dancers.

“They felt the pressure but knew they had to accomplish what they had set out to achieve and they did a fabulous job” said Smitha, a choreographer at D4U studio.

“We got to learn so much by just looking at the various dancers- their lifestyles, their commitment, their passion and their dedication. But most of all, we learnt what it is to feel encouraged and respected. We saw quality education for dance, we saw unwavering faith of the dancers and we saw the love the country as a whole portrayed towards dance.”

The Dance World Cup India Qualifiers 2019 has been scheduled on the 26th and 27th January in Bangalore with regional rounds in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Register for the DWC India Qualifiers here:

The Dance World Cup India Qualifiers also allow students from dance schools across Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal to Qualify for the finals held at Portugal next year.

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