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LVDS: Paving the Way for Indian Dance Excellence on the World Stage

In the world of dance, India is carving its own path towards international recognition, thanks to the exceptional training provided by LVDS. LVDS offers intensive training for kids aged 4 to 25, nurturing the talents that have brought India substantial success at the Dance World Cup in various parts of the world.

A Strong Foundation:

LVDS firmly believes that early exposure to dance can be transformative. With programs catering to various age groups, LVDS introduces children as young as four to the world of dance. This early initiation not only ignites a passion for dance but also fosters essential skills and techniques from a tender age.

Expertise in Hip-Hop and Show Dance:

LVDS is renowned for its mastery in Hip-Hop and Show Dance, two genres that have gained immense popularity both in India and worldwide. Hip-Hop's urban dynamism and Show Dance's fusion of styles create powerful, visually striking performances. The academy's experienced instructors guide students in mastering these styles, emphasizing both technical proficiency and the expression of artistic creativity.

International Recognition:

The recent achievements of LVDS dancers at the Dance World Cup are a testament to the academy's exceptional training. These talented Indian dancers have secured Gold medals, Silvers and Bronze medals in various categories, age groups and dance styles. These accomplishments underscore the dedication, hard work, and outstanding talent cultivated within the LVDS community.

Committed Instructors:

LVDS's success is driven by its team of dedicated and highly skilled dance instructors. These mentors not only teach dance moves but also instill qualities like discipline, dedication, and teamwork in their students. Their unwavering commitment to unlocking each dancer's potential is a cornerstone of LVDS's success.

Preparing for the Future:

LVDS's mission extends beyond accolades and medals. It aims to mold well-rounded individuals capable of representing India with pride. Through intensive training, LVDS nurtures not only dance skills but also essential attributes such as confidence, stage presence, and adaptability. These qualities are pivotal for young dancers aspiring to excel in international competitions like the Dance World Cup.


LVDS is at the forefront of shaping India's dance talent for international acclaim. The recent triumph in Portugal serves as a remarkable milestone and an inspiration for young dancers nationwide. With the right guidance and training, India's young dance enthusiasts can continue to shine on the global stage, showcasing their passion and talent to the world. LVDS remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for these budding dance stars, promising a future filled with endless possibilities in the world of dance.

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