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Dance Festivals and Retreats

Dance Festivals and Retreats

Dance Festivals and Retreats

This dance program is comprehensive, keeping the needs of a versatile dancer, performer, and future instructor in mind, and taking the latest trends and paths of the dance, entertainment, and performing arts industry into consideration. It has been structured by director Nakula Somana and Guinness World Record Holder Lourd Vijay of LVDS, who have combined industry experience spanning over 40 years in dance, entertainment & arts management.

Dance Festivals and Retreats

1,25,000 INR

+ 18% GST (Per Level)

Scholarships of Rs. 70,000/- available to deserving candidates

Dance Festivals and Retreats

PDDCP is facilitated by highly acclaimed national and international dance faculty from the world of performing arts. We also have visiting faculty, from other allied art, design, and creative fields, to bring in a different yet wholesome perspective to the learning process of this dance program. Get dual certification and become a certified instructor under this dance certification program to further your career. Get direct recommendations to teach at our partner schools after completing the course.


1/2/3 year/s


Tue - Thur


62 Students


12 Trainers


General Question

Individuals aged 16 years and above are eligible to enroll.

The program follows a trimester system.

Participants can expect to engage in 60-100 hours of dance per month.

The program covers a wide range of styles including Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Folk, Odissi, Salsa, Jive, Bachata, B-boying, dancED - Dance in Education, and Somatic Practices like Yoga.

Regular classes are held from Tuesdays to Thursdays, with workshops on Fridays. Optional programs are available on Saturdays and Sundays, with Mondays designated as the weekly off.

All national holidays, religious holidays, and winter holidays are observed.

The timetable is set on a monthly basis. Instructors and classes may change without prior notice.

Yes, participants may engage in on-the-job internships to assist senior instructors. Additionally, dual certification in CCD and dancED by the ISPTD is provided.

Job placement assistance is offered to participants who successfully complete the program.

Yes, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their skills at the end of the program.

Yes, a minimum of 90% attendance is required for certification in the Full-Time Program.